Over 40 Years of Heating & Cooling Experience

Our story begins in 1972 when, Al Schaff, our current owner, was working for a furnace repair business in Colorado. He was ready to do more, but the company didn't want to share ownership. After quitting, Al and a few partners started a heating and cooling business in Billings, MT. Though the business operated out of a small garage at first, within a few years Al bought out all partners. With the help of his mother, Al continued his dream of running and owning a business.

Air Controls's primary work was residential installation, with very little service and commercial experience. Shortly after its inception, in the 80s, key employees were added. Steve Stokes, our former service manager, who has since relinquished his role to his son Chris, came on board and immediately implemented 24-hour, 7-day service, which still stands today! Steve also got Air Controls involved in large refrigeration installation and service for the first time.

Like refrigeration service, commercial HVAC service shot up when Al hired Norman Hill. After adding Steve and Norm, Al kept driving Air Controls upwards and onwards. This trend continued through the 90s when we added a second location in Bozeman, MT. In the early 2000s we sold the shop in Bozeman to its manager, who is still running it today.

Around this same time of Bozeman sale, Al removed himself from the business and started planning for retirement. His son, Chris Schaff, moved from the Bozeman location to the Billings location and was hired as the general manager in 2002. Chris is still our general manager and firmly believes relationships and employees are the reasons behind our ever-growing success.

From our humble beginnings to our established reputation, we still maintain and grow our original customer base. Air Controls will continue to strive to be the best and earn the respect of customers, both current and those to come.